About the Band

After some twenty-five years of marriage, long time local, touring, and studio musician Jimmy Ryan teamed up with his wife, Donna Sartanowicz to write songs and play music.  This new collaboration seamlessly blends a variety of musical perspectives and with only bass guitar and mandolin/mandocello this pairing is like nothing else out there.  Straight-foward, honest songs delivered with heartfelt harmonies and intricate mandolin work.

Jimmy Ryan has been living, working, and playing in and around Boston for some 30 years.  The founding member of The Blood Oranges in the late 1980's, Jimmy has gone on to front a number of bands including Hayride, The Clockburners, Wooden Leg, and The Architects of Reason.  He has toured with a variety of artists including Catie Curtis, Charlie Louvin, Laura Cantrell, and Susan Cattaneo.  An experienced studio musician he can be found on records for some of the above artists as well as Mophine, Warren Zevon, and The Paddy Saul Band.  Link to Jimmy's website here: Jimmy Ryan

Donna Sartanowicz is a high school art teacher who moonlights as a musician, singer, and songwriter.  Creative work is creative work whether it is painting or playing music.  A member of the all-girl punk pop band Fertile Virgin back in the late 80's early 90's - Donna and two of the other women in the band reunited in Summer of 2016 to form a new band now called The Very.  You can visit The Very's website by clicking on the band name or download their debut recording entitled  Perfumed Apocalypse from Bandcamp.